• Better Results Using Superior Technology

    Better Results Using Superior Technology


    We develop Customized Solutions for your Car Wash Needs.

  • Proprietary Formulas

    Proprietary Formulas


    Americlean, Inc. is the leading Chemical Provider in the Industry.

  • Touchless, Friction, Tunnel, or Manual

    Touchless, Friction, Tunnel, or Manual

    The Process

    We'll find the Perfect Combination of Systems & Chemicals to fit your needs.

  • #1 In Customer Satisfaction

    #1 In Customer Satisfaction


    We are the Experts. We'll find the best solution for your business needs.

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Americlean, Inc. is a leading chemical provider with over 30 years in the car wash chemical business. We are able to customize a solution to your car wash needs. Our proprietary formulas are perfect for your touch free, friction or manual wash. Let us help you put together the perfect car wash. Touchless, Friction, Tunnel or Manual: we can find the perfect combination of systems and chemicals to fit your individual needs. We are the experts in new and upgrade components to give your wash the edge over the competition. Our line of concentrated chemical can be customized to give your customers the best wash with the colors and fragrances to keep them coming back. Contact one of our expert staff members to find the best ideas for your situation.

  • Equipment

    As a Belanger distributor, we are experts in tunnel wash, in-bay, friction or touch-less equipment.

  • Products

    Our line of waxes, pre-soaks, conditioners, polishes & vehicle protectants can be customized for your wash.

  • Results

    With some of the best products and best prices in the industry, we'll help your wash stand out.

News & Specials

  • You asked for it!

    Equipment for our second automatic car wash has been delivered! We’re excited to get this thing up and rolling!

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